What do you cover on a course?

So you have heard about a Hypnobirthing course, but you want to know what

we actually do. Everything below is enough to get you birth ready

with no woo waa or Paul McKenna in sight! No nonsense, just straight up

common sense is what we do at the Mother Hut!

So, on a course at The Mother Hut we will cover...

- The basics of Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis and the perception of positive and

negative language surrounding pregnancy and birth. 

- The biology of birth and how the body actually works when birthing.

- Visualisations, massage and breathing techniques to help you prepare your mindset for a positive birth. 

- Ways to prepare your body for birth and post natal care.

- Understanding some of the language used in a birth by medics.

-  Knowing and understanding your choices for inductions, pain relief and interventions.

- Knowing the importance of the birthing partner and ways to ensure they are positively involved from the start. 

- What to expect from the first hours after birth.

-Writing detailed birth preferences that takes into consideration all your wants and desires for birth.

-Looking at the importance of positive affirmations and how they will promote a positive mindset! 

Why the hype around Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing aims to help you approach your baby's birth with confidence and provide you with the necessary tools that allow you to stay in control and knowledgeable, whatever direction your birth may go in. Hypnobirthing can often be misconstrued as Hypnosis. It will not 'hypnotise' in the stereotypical sense, but take you into a deep state of relaxation, whilst being fully in control of your body.

You will have the tools to put your mind and body into a calm and relaxed place, lowering the want or demand for pain relief. It will help you acknowledge the delay that occurs during childbirth when fear is present in the birthing lady. From there we look at ways to break the cycle, and in turn promote the labour to progress in its most natural way. The misconception of pain associated with the word 'contraction', is replaced with the term 'surge', and that each one really is bringing you one step closer to your baby!

I prefer to give it the name 'instinctive birthing' as really that is what it is; knowing that your body is going to be doing for what it was made for, you just have to trust it! I'm not even sure why the hype is there, as really it is a lot of back-to-basics common sense!

Shall I give it go then?

Yes! There are so many positives to using Hypnobirthing that make the whole experience from antenatal preparation through to delivery, a calmer, more positive experience. It has been noted post delivery that babies are calmer. This makes total sense if the mother has delivered in a calm and relaxed environment. Partners are taught to be fully involved in the birth and ways that they can support through their partner, from massage techniques to the use of positive language. 


Hypnobirthing can reduce the want for pain relief as you know the sensation you are feeling is 'normal'. You will have an awareness of medical terminology and have confidence to question what you hear or are told, giving you choice in how your labour progresses. It will encourage a shorter labour knowing not to fear each surge, for me this was a winner! Ultimately you will feel amazing knowing what you have just done for you and your baby and will have been in control from the very start. That's pretty awesome!

Image by Nicole Honeywill