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The Birth of Brodie!

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I have worked with many IVF couples this summer. Below is Leanne and Matt's inspiring story...

'Hello Aimee, this is long overdue but I wanted to share my birth story/review with you. Having gone through a successful IVF cycle I really wanted to give Hypnobirthing a go. I chose to go with The Mother Hut simply because I liked the website and the way you came across regarding Hypnobirthing. You were really helpful during the booking process and provided me with the information we needed to have the right knowledge before the course. My husband was quite reluctant to do the course but went along with it anyway as it was something I wanted to do, he knew it was important for my pregnancy journey so he supported me. One thing that was really concerning me is I was planned to be induced. I wasn't provided with any reason as to why, other than it was due to being an IVF pregnancy, although the extra scans were really nice to have so I could see my baby. Being induced was always at the front of my mind that I had no say in how I was going to bring my baby in to the world and I was very anxious. The day came of the course and when we arrived and you were very welcoming, we felt at ease straight away and Matthew felt relaxed straight away too. You provided us not only with the information to feel in control of my birth but also made me aware of my choices too. Matt also got a lot out of the course too, which was a pleasant surprise and he was asking lots of questions. Which I was all very reassuring for me. Matt felt he had an important role to play during the whole of the birthing process and I must say he was fantastic. A couple of weeks before my due date I had my final appointment with the consultant, she signed me off advising me I can have a natural birth as the baby was at a healthy weight and everything measured correctly. This was a great relief for me as I was going to request to let me go over my due date and I half expected them to say no.

The night my contractions had started I felt excited and in control, I kept in touch with maternity assessment and I felt empowered enough that I knew my body as Amy explained the first stages of labour so well that I knew when I needed to be admitted. One thing I wanted was to be mobile during labour and because my contraction were irregular I would have to be monitored, I didn't want to lay in bed and labour so I asked for the wireless monitor (something Amy made me aware that I could ask for). The next day I had my baby girl and I can honestly say it was the best experience I have ever had. I was reluctant to have any pain relief as I trusted my body and the techniques I had learnt. My husband Matt was so supported, didn't get in the way, fed me Jelly Babies, rubbed my back during my contractions and was able to be part of the process. Matt knew exactly what I wanted and what I didn't want and was able to discuss this with the midwife whilst leaving me to focus on what I needed to do. I am confident that if we hadn't of taken part in a hypnobirthing course we wouldn't of had the birth we both hoped for. I now shout from the roof tops to encourage people to try hypnobirthing. Brodie (my little girl) is now 3 months old and we're so so lucky and I feel such an amazing connection with her and this is thanks to Aimee. Thank you'.

You are so very welcome!! xxx

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