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The Birth of Baby Nathaniel!

Second births after a tricky first one are always faced with that extra hurdle of preparation, when you hear stories like this it just shows how different things can be. Congratulations to Claire on overcoming that challenge!

Hi Aimee. My husband and I attended your hypnobirthing class in August and we just wanted to send you some feedback :).

Our second son, Nathaniel, was born on Tuesday and provided me with a totally different birth experience to the one I had with our first child.

From start to finish, labour was 5 hours and one of my fears was that the surges would be too strong for me to manage. Writing my birth preferences down really helped me plan how I wanted the birth to proceed, and what my key concerns were. My first 'sign' was my waters releasing, so we went to hospital to confirm. I was assessed as not yet being in active labour, and the midwife explained that I could remain MAC or return later, which ever would make me more comfortable.

Due to a rapid first labour, I elected to remain at the LGI and see how quickly I progressed. I used a TENS machine, a birthing ball and my husband's encouragement to help me breath through the next hour before the adrenaline started to take over and I had to ask the midwife for help. After examining me, she assessed me as being 6cm dilated and we made the short (yet very very long) walk to the labour suite, where my midwife was filling the birthing pool. I never got a chance to get into the pool though as the urge to push came soon after we got into the room, and baby Nathaniel was born just after 3am, using gas and air. The staff at LGI were great at using my birth preferences to inform the process, with no pressure to cut the cord immediately (we had 20 mins or so post birth before we even discussed it) and baby being weighed etc more than an hour after birth while I was being stitched. I was also complimented on my birth preferences list Attending your hypnobirthing class gave my husband and I the confidence to believe that the birth of baby number 2 could be gentle, and was something my body could do. Having him talk me through the breathing and tell me how great I was doing really helped. We were thrilled to be discharged a few hours later and be home in time for lunch. I definitely believe that the hypnobirthing played a huge part in us getting home quickly (plus the 80+ cups of awful raspberry leaf tea I drank over the last few weeks!).