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The Birth of baby Henry!

A huge congratulations to Toni and Chris! What a fab story of determination and trusting your instinct.

Toni and Henry

Henry James Wayman born weighing 7lb6.5 at just 37weeks.

After waters going at 6.30am we went to the birth centre at our local hospital. Only feeling a dull period type cramp. I had no regular tightening so we were sent home. We went to the shop to get some snacks and then my contractions started to pick up! I kept breathing through them though. It felt like I had a bad tummy and needed ‘the toilet’. We went back to hospital around 12 as my contractions were 4 minutes apart and lasting 50 seconds. I had started to reach my limit of pain. I was just about to ask for something to help me, and the Midwife didn’t seem convinced I was contracting regularly, but we decided to do an examination. Hearing the words 'you are fully dilated, you can go ahead and push' gave me such a wave of wow - I have done this, and I no longer needed anything!

I had to wait an hour for the pool to fill but contractions never really got closer together... we had the affirmations for birth in the background and then swapped to a playlist from our wedding. I got in the birth pool and after two hours of pushing, that I got to control, baby Wayman arrived. No pain relief and only some minor grazes! We did have to stay overnight on the labour ward as my blood pressure was high but my midwife was amazed at how well I did. I can honestly say that the breathing techniques and trusting that I could do it helped so much!

Thank you for helping us achieve what I can only describe as a positive experience. It hurt but I controlled it!