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The birth of baby Z!

My lovely couple in Leeds have an incredible story of induction! Names have been removed as requested.

I wanted to let you know that we had a little baby boy, on Wednesday 18th. Thank you so much for the training in hypnobirthing you provided. We had such a positive birth experience thanks to you. The birth was incredible and the techniques we learned really helped me to get through all the stages, especially the ones that were emotionally challenging.

The course helped me get over my worries of being induced and I surprised myself by not wanting any pain relief at any stage, even though I was on a drip.

We went into the hospital (Leeds General Infermery) on Sunday and started the induction process with a propess pessary. With help from my partner I used visualisation of hot air balloons ascending over Bristol to ease off the discomfort from the initial tightening. We used to live in Bristol and both loved the annual balloon fiesta there. This worked well and after 24 hours, we were ready for my waters to be broken. Unfortunately, this was the start of a long waiting game as the delivery suite were unusually busy. They even had to close down and divert people to St James' where they also reached capacity and later had to do the same.

On Monday, I was told that I would probably have to wait until the next day to have my waters broken. I was told the same on Tuesday and I was starting to feel quite frustrated and tired from sleepless nights on the ward. My partner was fantastic though, and the staff very understanding. They let us go home Tuesday night, so we managed to have a bit of a rest at home.

We were very excited when they phoned us at 5 am to say they were ready for us. Everything was great from there on. The midwifes totally got our birth preferences and they were very accommodating and flexible with the layout of the room. I managed to have quite an active birth despite the drip and monitors (which were wireless). We had a little lavender bag and chilled out music on a speaker. I got into a rhythm with the breathing and after only 3.5 hours of labour we met our lovely baby boy and enjoyed a couple of hours of undisturbed skin to skin and breastfeeding.

I didn't actually fancy any pain relief during labour. I couldn't be bothered to be strapped to the TENS machine and didn't want to interrupt my breathing for some gas and air. Actually, I don't think I felt pain, it was more like some powerful sensations, exhilarating and empowering. Because labour was so short, presumably thanks to the drip, I didn't get tired. My partner was quite surprised when she found me laughing at some point, I was amused by the funny sounds I was making!

The gas and air actually got handy for after the birth. Our little baby boy came into the world superman style, so I had to have some stitches. Again I was so chilled and happy.

Apparently the baby got a bit distressed towards the end, but as per our preferences, the midwifes told my partner who just suggested I get on my side (great position for giving birth) and towards the end they just asked me to bear down a little bit more. I could just focus on the labour and not worry about things.

All of the staff on all of the wards were absolutely brilliant and helped to make it such a wonderful experience, led by my choices.

Things have been going really well since the birth too, he is a chilled out baby and the breastfeeding is going well (we're a good team the three of us!).

We're really happy, so thank you so much!

You are so welcome :) xxxx