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November 21, 2018

September 16, 2018

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Baby Shower – what’s in it for mum? A guide to treating the human grower.

July 23, 2018


Baby showers are more popular than ever in the UK. Deriving from America, mums are thrown a small party and showered with gifts, more traditionally for baby. It is now becoming more common that the gifts in there are directly for mum and dad to enjoy too. I found that friends and family brought presents when visiting baby, so I know I decided with all my friends that had babies after me, it was mum's turn to get a treat, too! So below are some alternative baby shower gifts that you might find more personal, practical and sentimental.




1) Anyone who has done a birth preparation course with me will know how much I go on about aromatherapy diffusers, but they are so good! They provide an alternative to candles in labour (after ringing all the maternity units in my area, everyone I spoke to said it was ok to pack it in their hospital bag), and allow you to enjoy your favourite essential oil without clinging to it on a cloth to sniff. They are great to put on at home in the evening; you will begin to familiarise the smell with being home, so if birthing in hospital, it will remind you of that safe, comforting place. They vary in price but Amazon have them starting from £13.99. I also love they provide a mood light! Throw in some lavender oil, too, at the checkout for a full gift! 





2) Something to squeeze in labour! Other than your birth partner’s hand, having something to fiddle with and squeeze on can be a great distraction method, so I’d recommend the fabulous Squish Dough company at and Insta page squish.dough. The dough is infused with aromatherapy oils so stimulates the smell sense too. They are fab little gifts and not bad to use when you’re having one of those days in the office! 






3) Clubbing together for something a bit bigger is never a bad idea. Getting a voucher for a pregnancy massage or reflexology would be an amazing treat to kick start their maternity leave! Check out those local to you for reviews and recommendations. Anyone around West Leeds looking get in touch; I have good reliable names!


4) Now I never knew this existed until my course at the weekend, but a couple were telling me how they got their baby’s heartbeat recorded and put into a teddy bear! So a voucher for something like this at your local 4D scanning shop would be something a couple will really will treasure forever. Again it might be something a group of friends could club together on.


5) If you want to help mum prepare for a positive birth along with any antenatal courses done, some books on the market are fab for that extra boost of confidence. Brilliant ones are The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill, Happy Mum Happy baby by Giovanna Fletcher and for Dad – Commando Dad by Neil Sinclair.  Obviously have a cheeky raid of the coffee table to see what she already has! If you want to go down a Hypnobirthing road of reading, Sophie Fletcher’s Mindful Hypnobirthing is really well written.



6) I did it for my best friend and had it done for me; a postnatal hamper. This provides mum with some absolute essentials for those first few weeks where she needs to be looking after herself. This can include things like maternity pads for postnatal bleeding, breast pads for those leaks, a pack of big knickers two sizes bigger than she usually wears (trust me they are a god send!) paracetamol and ibuprofen, natural remedies like arnica tablets or gel for any tenderness after the birth, postnatal vitamins, nipple cream, her favourite chocolate, and any other small bits that can be put in a pretty basket for her! If mum loves herbal tea I’d recommend tea specialists Hot Tea Mama at . They are specially created with mum's wellbeing in mind both pre and postnatal.


7) For something very sentimental and for the organised mum, I saw these in a book shop recently and thought they were lovely. It is a keepsake book called, ‘Letters to my Baby’ by Lea Redmond. It gives mum a chance to write letters to their baby’s to read at different stages of their lives. I’m not sure I could fill this out for weeping at everyone. The ideas in this book are so beautiful and would make such a thoughtful gift!


8) If you would really like to put somethings in for baby too at this stage, I honestly can’t rate the Harry and Rose baby wash and lotions enough. They are made of natural and organic ingredients and smell absolutely divine! Again for sale on amazon and also available in Boots, along with their website Brands like this feel more personable than the big named ones in gift giving situations.


9) Completely cost effective and any new parents will love you forever... get busy in the kitchen and take them some frozen meals. lasagne and casseroles were at the ready in our Freezer. was actually the most amazing gift!!


10) And finally from my postnatal craving… it never hurts to have a bottle of her favourite tipple ready to get to after birth! Whether its bubbles, gin, beer or cider, it will be something to look forward to when she is ready for it!! If she is not a drinker, this where the herbal teas can be a great alternative!


Aimee xxx





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