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An inspiring story of a vaginal breech birth

Breech births more often than not set alarm bells ringing in antenatal appointments. Yes it is off the path of the 'usual' way out with baby's head facing down, but it is what we might call a different type of normal. Many believe breech = section, and whilst the statistics would back this up, there is in fact the capacity and support available for vaginal breech births. Now as always I say, if you a section, have a section, if you want the drugs, take them; this is just another way of doing things and the results were mega! Kimberley Raja from children's award winning Shake Rattle and Boogie dance and music classes explains below her inspiring breech birth story to Alexa in 2015.

'In a nut shell...

I probably found out she was breech from 20 weeks but the midwives said she would probably turn herself in time. She often laid lateral but would then go back to breech. I tried every yoga position possible sat in front of the TV for hours with my body in all different ways and nothing worked! The final thing was the ECV, and they can only try for a certain amount of time (I remember the lady saying that people normally stop before the time is up as it can be quite uncomfortable), but I just kept going (mind over matter) as I was so determined not to have a c-section. I remember leaving the hospital feeling deflated as I thought it was my last chance to have a natural birth. Then it was a midwife at a later scan that discussed the prospect of a natural breech birth. She warned me of complications, but in my head they far out weighed the prospect of a c-section recovery and looking after a toddler! I kinda just clung on to the fact that it was possible and that the body knows what to do.

My contractions started at 1:15am. I went to hospital for 2:15am (St James' as I phoned LGI and it was full). There was only one bed in Maternity Assessment and a lady in front of me (first time mum). I said I wasn’t fussed about the bed but said my first baby came very quick and this one is breech!! The panic on the Midwife’s face was quite something; needless to say I was soon on the labour ward and they wanted me to lay on my back with stirrups... (this is my idea of hell as I’m an active birth kinda girl) so I said that’s not going to work!! Then they tried to monitor baby which again didn’t work as they kept getting tangled as I moved!

I asked to do it my way and they again warned me of complications, but I said at any point if you think the baby is at risk just tell

me to lay flat on my back and I will. But... I gave birth to Alexa at 3:27am stood up with about 7 random specialists in the room fully starkers, with two Midwife’s ready to ‘catch’her. They cut the cord straight away out of panic, (which I was gutted about as I wanted delayed cord cutting like I had with Alicia) but I think I was just relieved she was here safe, without any drugs or intervention; just a strong will of knowing what I wanted! We were discharged at 6:30am and home before 7am, so Alicia went to bed without a sister and woke up with one! Seeing her face as she came in is a moment I will never forget!

I suppose with my story it’s about knowing your options. People are too quick to say breech = c - section! I went to the park that afternoon and I remember a stranger saying ‘oh she’s so tiny how old is she’ and I looked at my watch and said about 12 hours old!! Again her face in total shock but I felt great... I had zero tears as I just listened to my body and could walk around fine! (This would never have been possible if I went with the consultants orders. You have to listen to your gut sometimes!'

Amazing what strong will does for you! xxx

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