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How can I stop hair loss after pregnancy?

Our appearance throughout pregnancy comes in exciting and rank waves for most of us. Once you’ve got through the barfing and pain inducing tiredness, you sometimes (and I say sometimes as I know many felt like crap long over 12 weeks gestation!) start to feel pretty good and look all glow-y. One part to this new freshness is the thickness of hair in pregnancy. It’s the first time in my life my hair looked half good. I could curl it properly, it had volume, I was loving it.

But my new bobbing hair around 10 weeks post natal was to come to an end. I looked down in the shower to find straggles of brown hair stuck to my bath. It looked like half of my head had come out. It hadn’t, but compared to what I’d been losing in pregnancy, it seemed pretty significant. It kept happening, to the point my fringe was so thin I had to draw it back into curtains, making me look like a 90’s boy band member. Where were my luscious locks going? My friend told me hers where doing the same. We cursed over plug hole blockage. It was time to investigate...

Bloody hormones obviously. Another slap in the face on top of adjusting to deflated boobs, breakouts of spots and all round looking knackered and shit. So, a rise Oestrogen levels during pregnancy makes our hair all thick, well it’s not actually growing more hair, it’s just retaining what we already grow. So, when hormones are adjusting back to normal our body loses that extra hair we grew, usually around 10 weeks post natal, and I can’t really put a timer on when it stops, but it does ease out in time.

Ffs, how we can we slow this down?

- Eat well, from day dot of baby’s arrival your diet is so important to recovery, and that’s going to help your hair recover with all the extra vitamins.

- Hydration. It continues to blow my mind how water seems to fix things in us given it’s so bloody boring, but hydration helps the body’s natural repair.

- My hairdresser gave a me a coconut oil treatment, it felt amazing. Might be one to give a whirl.

Sleep, ha... yeah funny! But yep, it’s part of the repair process for system, so we do need rest. Grab it where you can.

- If it continues to get even worse, there could be an underlying issue of anaemia so get your iron levels checked.

- On the more severe occasions you may be able to discuss with your GP a gel steroid treatment for the effected parts. This might be where a very visible spotting of baldness appears in one or more areas.

I hope this helps and stops the freak out. It’s just another thing nobody tells you about!


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