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Making your Induction Positive

It is said somewhere around 25% of births in this country are induced. Induction is used to kick start labour using artificial methods. Your caregiver will discuss induction if they believe it to be safer for your baby to be delivered sooner, and this can be for a number of different reasons. Whatever reason you are being offered induction there should be a well balanced conversation about it and you should leave the conversation feeling positive, in control and as excited about birth, should it be the path you want to, or maybe even need to take for your birth.

I've raved about it for as long as I have been doing this job; all women should leave their birthing experience knowing they gave it their all, they made the right choices for them, they were involved in the choices around their delivery and could understand the processes they go through. It is so easy when in the midst of something as enduring as labour to be told by others what to do because, 'They know best'. You can however play a huge part in your induction.

Here's how:

- Acceptance. This is sometimes the first thing couples need to do, accept birth may need a kick start. It can rightly be so many ladies dreams to go through natural process, but if you can make peace with it, then it will put you on the start of a positive route. Turn it into you are excited about. Time will be on your side in the days before you go into Hospital. Check the bag again, have a nosy around the shops for any last minute baby grows in the sale! If they have booked you in with a few days, use that time to meet with friends, do something lovely with your birth partner, go and get your nails done, anything that might be a logistical headache on the other side of birth!

-That leads me to enjoy knowing when you are likely to meet baby. When you have accepted induction, it can make the prospect of knowing when you will actually see and hold your little one for the first time. Enjoy your bump those few days more. I know I was convinced by 40+10 I was carrying a baby elephant given the weight, but that is precious none the less! They will be super duper alert now so talk to them, dance, sing. The bond does deepen doing these things!

- Know what types of induction are available. Different Trusts may want to kick start induction in different ways. Some will try with the Prostaglandin Gel or Pessary first. You can keep almost fully mobile with this one and is considered the nicer one! Then other trusts may go straight in for the Pitocin Drip, the artificial version of Oxytocin that is given to you through an IV drip. The likelihood of needing continuous monitoring on this is almost certain, so having an awareness that you my not be as mobile will allow you to plan ahead for ways to make you feel more comfortable. Whichever you are presented with, be sure to work through the benefits, risks and alternatives for you and baby. It will make you feel more in control and give an understanding of the process.

- Breathe! At the Calm Birth School we use a method called the, 'Dial Down Method', where we use breathing to ground mum's when they feel panic starting to set in. The form of breathing combined with visualisation this is based on is also used with panic attack sufferers when they feel stressed. It is amazing for induction, I remember it for when I was waiting for something to happen!

- Know that Hypnobirthing works in this situation as well as any. A lot of people I have talked think Hypnobirthing has to be totally natural, drug free and in a pool! No way is this true! If you have done the course, listened to your MP3's, read the book, you have 'trained' your subconscious into positive birth thoughts. These can totally be transferred into an induced birth, as all the techniques are about positive thoughts and relation to them. You may find it even more useful in this situation if you are feeling calm. You want to keep the hormones regulated as much as you can to avoid delays, exhaustion and assistance with delivery and breathing is your greatest tool with regulating this.

So it's all about research. If you do research you have knowledge. If you have knowledge you have power. If you have power you are proactive.... I could go on but basically you can do it because you know it! My courses will go into the detail you need to do this, message me if you're in this boat and we can chat this through further. xxx

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