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November 21, 2018

September 16, 2018

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Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

January 14, 2018

So I'm sat here with a pack of left over Oreos and Turnock Caramel bars from my group course yesterday. Pretty much two hours after I looked up gym membership. I have been moaning for about 18 months I can't fit in my old clothes and yet the chocolate still finds its way back to me. I've never been brilliant with self motivation during my adulthood. I was great as a teenager but as the stresses and strains of being a responsible human in charge of other smaller, slightly mad humans, has ironically made me a bit of a lazy lump. I have goals, lists and three calendars on the go to kick me up the arse in getting things done. Yet I still haven't sorted out the shoe drawer, I haven't done a deep clean of the oven, I haven't written my business plan for 2018, along with a list which is arm length. So the time has come to boot myself up the arse, and here is why...


How many days and sleepless nights do you have where jobs, plans, work commitments, communications, relationship breakdowns (I could go on) consume your head and make it all feel like a big fog? And when was the last time you tapped into all of this, instead of just putting it to the back of your mind, and carrying on as before? Every other day if you're like me. But it has got to a point now where something has to give before cracks appear in my well-being. The idea sometimes is just to carry on, because its the easier option, it doesn't offend anyone else and people won't question your intentions, but you end up the one getting stung as it's your own mind you're debating with.


I feel like a took a step in making my first change only this week. It wasn't something easy, or something I'm comfortable with, but I needed to change a situation for the good of my head-space. I confronted an old acquaintance over something. If I hadn't, the problems between us would never have got addressed. It was only when I felt I had the fire in me to confront this, that I genuinely realised how powerful a change in approach can be, and the fog began to slowly lift as I saw some sense of the situation made . The repercussions might won't be ideal but it was the right thing to do for the benefit of my well-being in what needed to be said. Good well-being is something that should be treated kindly, and not berated by your own self doubt or what others' may think.


So the question is thrown over to you. Is there something you are holding back that has been bugging you for ages, and it won't go away because there is uncertainty in how to confront it? What needs to change to make your well-being a better place to be? Are you being kind to yourself? If you are hiding from confronting your fears and self-beliefs around Childbirth or wanting to address a past birth to make your next one better, think about yourself here and what you deserve. Believe it is OK to change your approach to make it the best it can be for you. Because you deserve good; it's now time to change how you get all that good to you! 


I hope this re-organising of the brain-filing cabinet carries on for me over the next month and the small changes continue to help make things clearer in where I want to be. So lets Change 'it' (whatever 'it' is) for the better. If 'it' isn't addressed, nothing changes. And that is really shit when your well-being deserves some kindness. Just start by stepping away from the Oreos... 




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