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The Birth of Sophia!

Congratulations to the lovely Louise and Haroon on the birth of Sophia. This birth story is so important; it isn't what some people would consider a 'proper' Hypnobirth to be. The one thing I say to every couple before they start their course is that Hypnobirthing isn't about being drug free. The aim of your time with me is to prepare you for different birth paths and whichever one your birth takes, you will feel you had control in it and you understand all the choices made surrounding you and baby. That is what has happened and that is what makes this a Hypnobirth win! Choices made and an amazing birth partner, Louise says...

'The induction wasn’t what I wanted but it was the safest option for her.The hospital was very supportive of me still continuing with my hypnobirthing and I was doing great until I had my 3rd internal, it was so unpleasant and I’d been on the drip for 9hrs and was only 2cm dilated. That really affected my mood. They decided to continue with the drip (even though they wouldn’t usually because it’s such a long time) but baby was happy. I really struggled for the next couple of hours but Haroon and the midwifes were great, getting me back in the zone. I started using gas and air but hated it and then they gave me something else (can’t remember the name) an injection but it just made me feel spaced out!I started thinking about an epidural (but I had said to Haroon I didn’t want one this time) and he just kept supporting me and encouraging me to breath and listen to my music, which really helped! Within the next 5 hours I went into established labour and the down breathing was amazing, I didn’t use anything but the breathing. (By this point I had a new midwife and she kept offering me the gas and air but Haroon made it clear I didn't want it). I think the down breathing really helped move things a long quicker. Then she arrived! We did wait for white for 2 mins but then she needed a little bit of extra oxygen.The hospital were great at supporting me, it’s just a shame I had to have the induction, however i do believe I would of gone down the epidural route if I hadn’t of done your class, so thank you 😊 Plus Haroon was great this time around, I couldn’t of done it without him!

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