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The Birth of Baby Bella!

Katie and Stuart have welcomed little Bella into the world this week, and I couldn't be more happy for them and the amazing birth Katie has had! I loved working with them. Stuart was so conscientious in sessions, making notes and really listened. Katie, you have blown me away given how stressed and nervous you were about parts of the birth. A true birthing star! Here's their story...

"Good morning Aimee,

I had baby Bella Marie Ingleby on Monday evening at 18.34, she weighed 7.7 lb. I started naturally at home at 12.50am on Monday morning, my surges started at 5.30am, I went into hospital at 2.30pm if I remember rightly. I felt I coped well with the surges and visualising the sun rising whilst at home. I had two baths and felt calm.

I went into hospital and it was a little more difficult then. I went into delivery to have a water birth at 5.30pm ish. I was at 5cm dilated by then and at 6.34pm she was born. I had gas and air and relaxing music on. I didn’t tear, just some scratches they said. I did as much down breathing as I could, and I feel that helped push her down without me pushing physically all of the time. I felt the down breathing is what helped me not tear.

The midwifes there didn’t intervene at all, they were giving me positive messages, and it was just me and Stuart. Also they said that at the end it was one of the best births and special births they had experienced. One of the midwifes was a trainee and she said she was going to include it on her case notes and she said she won’t forget it. Stuart got her out of the pool and gave her to me. He was so good, he really helped me all the way through!

I feel like the course really did help, and I feel privileged it gave me and Stuart the chance to experience the birth as relaxed and naturally as we could. If we hadn’t have done the course we wouldn’t have experienced it like we did, the water birth, music, lighting and Stuart being so involved and calm made it such an experience for us, and I think without the course it wouldn’t have felt as special as it did if that makes sense.

Thank you xx"

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