The Online 4 Hour Digital Course


Happy Baby

Are you wanting to study Hypnobirthing but struggling to commit to dates due to work or personal circumstances? This is the most effective course for flexibility; a popular option for second time parents working around childcare and bedtime!


We book in 4  one hour sessions that completely work around your schedule. All you need is access to Facetime or Skype. You don;t have to leave your sofa. The big benefit over a pre recorded online course is that I am with you the whole way through and you have the opportunity to ask questions as we go along. The content covered in these 4 hours is:

- The benefits of mindfulness in birth

-The physiology of birth and hormones

- Language in pregnancy and birth

- Breathing techniques

- The birth environment and its importance

- Induction and your choices

- The stages of labour

- Role of the birth partner

You will still get access to a set of Hypnosis MP3's and I will send you a work booklet a week before starting the course in the post. This will include all the resources a group or private course would receive.