Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Mother Hut has something special (not that f***er Mr Tumble...) for you. I’m digging into the emotional pockets of writer Jamie Day, the brains behind Insta account ‘A Day In The Life Dad’, the podcast, ‘Man Talk’ and writer for Vogue and GQ. Mental health for both men and women needs more support and stigmas breaking, so it is a real treat to have Jamie discuss some of his experiences and wisdom around paternal mental health.

Who is the ‘real Jamie Day’?

I’d love to say I have live a glamorous second life, but the real Jamie Day is pretty much what’s on display through Instagram’s squares. I spend a lot of time with the kids, climbing trees, being silly and dancing along to the Sing soundtrack at least 141 times a day. When I’m not cutting shapes to Ash, Johnny and co, I’ll escape to my office (a corner in the spare room) and write for various magazines and websites about parenthood and mental health, create social media campaigns with/for brands and when time allows (often the earl...

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