Sunday, July 1, 2018

Breech births more often than not set alarm bells ringing in antenatal appointments. Yes it is off the path of the 'usual' way out with baby's head facing down, but it is what we might call a different type of normal. Many believe breech = section, and whilst the statistics would back this up, there is in fact the capacity and support available for vaginal breech births. Now as always I say, if you a section, have a section, if you want the drugs, take them; this is just another way of doing things and the results were mega! Kimberley Raja from children's award winning Shake Rattle and Boogie dance and music classes explains below her inspiring breech birth story to Alexa in 2015.

'In a nut shell...

I probably found out she was breech from 20 weeks but the midwives said she would probably turn herself in time. She often laid lateral but would then go back to breech. I tried every yoga position possible sat in front of the TV for hours with my body in all different ways and nothing worked...

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Our appearance throughout pregnancy comes in exciting and rank waves for most of us. Once you’ve got through the barfing and pain inducing tiredness, you sometimes (and I say sometimes as I know many felt like crap long over 12 weeks gestation!) start to feel pretty good and look all glow-y. One part to this new freshness is the thickness of hair in pregnancy. It’s the first time in my life my hair looked half good. I could curl it properly, it had volume, I was loving it.

But my new bobbing hair around 10 weeks post natal was to come to an end. I looked down in the shower to find straggles of brown hair stuck to my bath. It looked like half of my head had come out. It hadn’t, but compared to what I’d been losing in pregnancy, it seemed pretty significant. It kept happening, to the point my fringe was so thin I had to draw it back into curtains, making me look like a 90’s boy band member. Where were my luscious locks going? My friend told me hers where doing the same. We cursed over plu...

Friday, May 18, 2018

As soon as you get the digital go ahead from Clearblue, that’s it. Life becomes pregnant and baby-centric. Why wouldn’t it? It’s the most exciting, scary, anxious, happy, sickening, glowing time of a woman’s life. You are smacked with a booklet for maternity care and notes and copy of the nauseating Emma’s diary. You wait patiently for scan dates, appointments to hear the heartbeat, a day at Mamas and Papas baby event to learn about Isofix bases, download the Squeezy app to remind you to do pelvic floors, look at NCT groups, make a birth plan or 5, maybe do a Hypnobirthing course (they’re bloody incredible!), basically read and soak in every microscopic drop of pregnancy and birth. It’s a big deal. And we finally get to the big day we know we have our amazing midwives ready to care for us. We have had antenatal care there for us throughout, whether or not you have decided on doing any birth prep courses. Support is there.

And then Baby is out, and our birth has either gone great and /or...

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

It is said somewhere around 25% of births in this country are induced. Induction is used to kick start labour using artificial methods. Your caregiver will discuss induction if they believe it to be safer for your baby to be delivered sooner, and this can be for a number of different reasons. Whatever reason you are being offered induction there should be a well balanced conversation about it and you should leave the conversation feeling positive, in control and as excited about birth, should it be the path you want to, or maybe even need to take for your birth.

I've raved about it for as long as I have been doing this job; all women should leave their birthing experience knowing they gave it their all, they made the right choices for them, they were involved in the choices around their delivery and could understand the processes they go through. It is so easy when in the midst of something as enduring as labour to be told by others what to do because, 'They know best'. You can how...

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A home birth delivered to perfection! 

'Hi Aimee,

We did it!

Baby Lola arrived on Friday at 40+15 and we had a lovely water home birth as planned.

We used the breathing techniques which definitely helped get me through a 37 hour labour! It was a slog but I managed on 4 painkillers and a little gas and air at the end. It was definitely the breathing that got me through the final few hours, and as I birthed in the pool I didn't tear- hurrah!

I wouldn't change it looking back and i am convinced that by having faith in my body and the baby, we managed to have the birth we wanted :)'

Go Jodie you superstar!! xxx

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

I'm just going to let you read this amazing birth!

'Hi Aimee!

Hope you are well!

We are delighted to share the news that our son Milo George Stevens was born on Friday the 23rd of February at 9.13 a.m weighing 8lbs 13. We are completely in love with him!

I had a 28 hour labour in total, all progressed really well, went from 2 to 5 to 8 c.m dilated, fairly quickly and straightforwardly. I was in the water using only gas and air. However the last part was a struggle and my cervix is apparently very far back and the baby’s head was struggling to make the last bit of his journey. So I had to have forceps (and 4 stitches ) but it was o.k because I felt I had done everything I could and I was prepared and fully informed of why this had to happen!

So although I was sad at the time not to have ‘the plan’ it doesn’t matter one bit now! And even less so once I have healed and am back to normal!

Thank-you once again for all your input and help! I have, and will continue to recommend you as the course a...

Sunday, February 11, 2018

As Valentine's Day approaches, lets show the birthing partners' in our lives some appreciation, and that they will be more important to a positive birth experience than you'll ever know!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Congratulations to the lovely Louise and Haroon on the birth of Sophia. This birth story is so important; it isn't what some people would consider a 'proper' Hypnobirth to be. The one thing I say to every couple before they start their course is that Hypnobirthing isn't about being drug free. The aim of your time with me is to prepare you for different birth paths and whichever one your birth takes, you will feel you had control in it and you understand all the choices made surrounding you and baby. That is what has happened and that is what makes this a Hypnobirth win! Choices made and an amazing birth partner, Louise says...

'The induction wasn’t what I wanted but it was the safest option for her.The hospital was very supportive of me still continuing with my hypnobirthing and I was doing great until I had my 3rd internal, it was so unpleasant and I’d been on the drip for 9hrs and was only 2cm dilated. That really affected my mood. They decided to continue with the drip (even tho...

Saturday, December 9, 2017

You may need to dig deep or it might be ready to come flying out of your mouth. When did you last feel like shit because someone didn’t agree with a choice you had made or given you advice that wasn’t asked for? When did you alter your behaviour or actions because someone gave you a mouthful or a roll of the eye? Have they caused you to regret changing your mind?

I think we all know someone who loves to dish out their opinions and judge what choices we make. I’ll never shy away from admitting I’ve done it too. Especially a time before kids, I would be the one muttering, ‘Ooh I’d never let my kid...’.

Well, have a word now, Aimee; how’s that home learning project coming on? What reply slip? Wtf is a number bond???

So why is judgement so important when we think about birth and the early stages of parenting? It is a vulnerable enough time trying to find your way through the wilderness of delivering and owning a new human. Often new parents need little more than a cuddle and the words, ‘...

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Katie and Stuart have welcomed little Bella into the world this week, and I couldn't be more happy for them and the amazing birth Katie has had! I loved working with them. Stuart was so conscientious in sessions, making notes and really listened. Katie, you have blown me away given how stressed and nervous you were about parts of the birth. A true birthing star! Here's their story...

"Good morning Aimee,

I had baby Bella Marie Ingleby on Monday evening at 18.34, she weighed 7.7 lb. I started naturally at home at 12.50am on Monday morning, my surges started at 5.30am, I went into hospital at 2.30pm if I remember rightly. I felt I coped well with the surges and visualising the sun rising whilst at home. I had two baths and felt calm.

I went into hospital and it was a little more difficult then. I went into delivery to have a water birth at 5.30pm ish. I was at 5cm dilated by then and at 6.34pm she was born. I had gas and air and relaxing music on. I didn’t tear, jus...

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