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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

'I don't know what to say'.

'I'll just say the wrong thing'.

'What can you say in this situation?'

'I can't find the words'.

'I just wish I knew what to do'.

Words don't instantly come into thought at the time a baby is taken; only gut wrenching pain and confusion can fill a mouth with cries of raw, inexplicable heartbreak. What so many people start to wonder once the initial shock subsides is, 'I don't know what to say'. It comes with any loss, but there is something that hits hard when it is a baby or child that is taken. It isn't normal. It isn't what the cycle of life is about. Why out of all the millions of children born, mine?

Finding any words to even acknowledge this feels an impossible task, because lets face it, what the hell can you say that will remotely take away that wrench? Words of comfort can't touch the emotional pain a parent is feeling, but in fact whatever you feel like saying from the heart, a simple communication of comfort can build trust and stabi...

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Three and a half years ago and it was an experience I don’t ever think I’ll ever fully come to terms with. How can you when what happened is so cruel, unexplained and completely out of your control? October is tainted a cruel month. 

It was two weeks to go until I turned 30 and I was on top of the world. We had planned a holiday to Disneyland in the Easter because I would be due late summer/ early autumn. I had told my mum I would need a larger bridesmaid dress, much to her horror that I wouldn't match my sister and I'd been out to pick up an isofix base because it was an absolute steal on a Facebook selling site. My maternity exempt card was through, and I started planning as much free dental treatment as I could get away with! But Thursday morning, I woke up and had a feeling. I went to work, still not quite right. Maybe morning sickness is finally kicking in, I'd had nothing up to that point. My friend said I look pasty. Bloody hell I felt it. I had started teaching year 13 and...

Monday, July 23, 2018

Baby showers are more popular than ever in the UK. Deriving from America, mums are thrown a small party and showered with gifts, more traditionally for baby. It is now becoming more common that the gifts in there are directly for mum and dad to enjoy too. I found that friends and family brought presents when visiting baby, so I know I decided with all my friends that had babies after me, it was mum's turn to get a treat, too! So below are some alternative baby shower gifts that you might find more personal, practical and sentimental.

1) Anyone who has done a birth preparation course with me will know how much I go on about aromatherapy diffusers, but they are so good! They provide an alternative to candles in labour (after ringing all the maternity units in my area, everyone I spoke to said it was ok to pack it in their hospital bag), and allow you to enjoy your favourite essential oil without clinging to it on a cloth to sniff. They are great to put on at home in the evening; you will...

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