Lou Charlesworth

Hi all!

I’m Lou; 35 year old mum to wee Harriet, wife to Ian, oh and mum to 2 fur babies, Max and Spud! Oh, and a Fitness and spiritual junkie. 


So what’s my story?


For me having Harriet almost 3 years ago changed me in so many ways. I woke up from just existing and really started to understand who I was and what I wanted out of life and for my family.  After having Harriet my priorities changed career wise. No longer did I want to be fighting for promotion or working away from my baby. I wanted to be as present as possible in my girls life. 

I wanted to take control of my life and plan out future. I was looking for something else I could turn my hand to. I knew I had great work ethic and wanted to help people and that’s it! The universe obviously acted and I stumbled across a Facebook live of a friends sister who was sharing her business and immediately I knew that was it. 

So after researching and understanding what was possible I started my own online botanically based health and wellness business. I had zero experience in health or wellness or in running a business but I understood 2 things ...

  1. Whilst I worked for someone else I would always trade my time for money. So I would work an hour and get paid an hour. I began to understand residual incomes.

  2. I also understood that I needed to have a plan b because let’s face it the economy is so unstable nowadays. 


So off I went into entrepreneurship blind. Fumbling around but being guided my amazing women. Women who lift you and who have your back. I love every part of my business. Yes I work hard but I do so when I choose and from my own home or a cafe not an office. My career passions and goals are to help as many mums escape the ‘ rat race’,  to show mums' another way to earn an income stream and to empower women to be the best versions of themselves!

Business aside, I am ridiculously passionate about motherhood and sisterhood. 

I am in the ‘ I support all mums’ club. We are flipping amazing and I aim to promote that to the highest level!!

I can educate you on plant based, chemical free skincare and nutrition. I can enlighten you on business and what’s in the products we use On a daily basis but most of all I want to support,love, encourage and lift mums! 

I hope to add value to as many lives as possible! Let’s create an amazing safe hub for all mums and be awesome together 

‘We rise by lifting others’ 

Lou x 

Lou is also an Arbonne skincare representative. For any product ordering visit www.louisecharlesworth.arbonne.com

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