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Hello beautiful lady! I'm Aimee; a mum of two boys, the most demanding of any job I have known! Both boys are totally different, just like their birthing stories. It is fair to say I love talking birth, and share my stories so women know I have been there, worn two very different t shirts, and because of my experiences I am with you 100% of the way when it comes to making choices around your birth. So here it goes...

After a long induction process at 42 weeks, labour started, but as it progressed I began to feel completely out of control of my body. I had no idea what was going to happen next, I felt lost in terms of what pain relief would work best and what I was allowed at different stages of the labour. I ended up with intervention and no clue what had just happened to my body! Basically, I did no preparation and had no clue what birth was about! 

It took the best part of two years to convince myself to have another, but the thought of what I'd been through before terrified me in all sorts of ways. I needed help and I needed a new approach. A friend mentioned Hypnobirthing and at this point, I felt up for anything!  


 Hypnobirthing changed my whole birthing experience. I felt in control the whole time. I knew what was happening to my body with each surge that came, I trusted that my body knew what it was designed to do. I am sure that is why the labour was 9 hours shorter and far more positive. As you can see in the above photo I was pretty happy minutes after! Hypnobirthing helped my husband play a major role in the birth (instead of the first time where he was sat reading a newspaper..!). It taught him how to be an important part of process. 

I'm passionate about Hypnobirthing, or as I prefer to call it, instinctive birthing. I left my career in teaching because this is something I want to share with you and be able to help you in your journey to a happy and healthy birth. You may have had similar first birth experiences to mine, or you may be a first time mum that wants to prepare yourself the best possible experience, knowing the choices available to you. Whatever the back story, you deserve the best birth for you. I will be there to guide this and help inform your choices so that you get the birth you want.