Private Hypnobirthing and Antenatal classes.

Postnatal support.

Cheering on parents everywhere!

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From the moment you do the positive pregnancy test, a parent is born. It is incredible, but with it comes fear, worry, happiness, angst, tears and a whole world more! But why should anyone feel alone in the midst of what they are experiencing? At the end of the day, we need a team around us to feel like we are supported and justified, not judged and that someone always has our back.
So that's what the whole aim of The Mother Hut is; to make sure you have that place to go. To know you have somewhere to voice your journey as a mum or dad, to voice who you are and help shape what you want this road to look like. Whether it's getting ready for your baby's birth, wanting support post birth, classes to go to and even wanting to figure out what is next for you as a working mother, we've got you.

That was us, and now its our turn to give back!

So here at the hut we have a range of events and courses to get you finding the best of you!

- Hypnobirthing and antenatal courses 
- Courses tailored to those having a Caesarean Section
-Beyond birth - postnatal sessions for mum and mental health care (message directly for this)

We need to do this together, so come and get comfy at the Hut!

Click here to find which course is right for you and why Hypnobirthing at The Mother Hut is set apart from the rest.